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Our core mission is to innovate and build a platform to spread knowledge & develop IQ in an entertaining and rewarding way that reaches to the society.


Here at IQzeto.com we consider our Social Responsibility important. We adore doing great for our kindred man and offering back to the group that made us. We empower everyone with the capacity to develop their intelligence and IQ in an entertaining and rewarding way.

What We Offer

We at IQzeto.com empower life learning and follow the principle of 'earning while learning'. We do this with Quiz Alerts with an end goal to test information about different subjects at the same time helping everyone to become monetarily independent. We pride ourselves on being family-accommodating and empower friendly rivalry by means of our Leader board.


How It Works

Welcome to IQzeto, the best place for online quiz in the world. This is an online platform which enables users to participate in quiz of several formats from different fields with other best minds across the globe. IQzeto is the place where brains across the globe come together and competes with each other’s IQ and intelligence for millions of cash reward at stake. User register for free on this platform and have option to take both free as well as paid quizzes which are scheduled 24/7 on the platform. We strive to make your online quiz experience the best across the world.

We are a team which offers online trivia game show which are completely challenging and guarantee 24 hour entertainment with knowledge add-on from various fields. Practice your knowledge across subject’s skills with free quiz and once you are confident, challenge the best mind across the globe in paid quizzes and win millions.

IQzeto provides unlimited quizzes with cash rewards every minute, making it the preferred quiz site for everyone.


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